Cinéaste One was conceived by Pakistani film maker Rumman Zia in the summer of 2012, when he returned to Pakistan a decade after studying film making from Ryerson University and working in the Canadian film industry for the better half of a decade in order to promote film literacy in Pakistan. Zia teamed up with Alliance Francaise Karachi (AFK) to start a “film making 101” workshop which was held at AFK from June 2012 to August 2012. In October, a few months after the completion of their first workshop a short film festival was held at AFK aside from an interview by a local radio station Radio1 FM91 the film festival was largely ignored by the main stream media. On 6th October another film making workshop was initiated

COSFF 2013 (Cinéaste One Student Film Festial 2013) expanded in scope by premiering short films of students from various universities including Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture. The expansion in scope lead to a significant increase in coverage by mainstream media.

The next film making workshop is scheduled to start in May 2013, this time titled Guerilla Film Making.